Tuula Niskanen, PT and Pilates Instructor

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What my clients say about me?

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“Relieving Hip & Knee Pain“

Physiotherapy and Pilates expert, promoting fitness and arthritis management uniquely.

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“Pain-Free Life with Tuula”

Tuula ensures muscles work, satisfied with anatomy expertise. Seek her; she helps!

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“Hip Recovery with Tuula“

Tuula excels beyond traditional PT—highly recommended!

About Physiowise

Tuula, a seasoned physiotherapy and Pilates expert with 30+ years of experience, holds two degrees from top Finnish colleges. She has been owning her studio since 2012. Tuula addresses her training to back pain, orthopedic issues, seniors fitness and seniors athlete. The PhysioWise Program uniquely combines Pilates and exercise therapy for safe rehabilitation and overall well-being. Tuula's personalized approach makes PhysioWise the top choice for top-notch rehab and one-on-one Pilates training in Carlsbad.

PhysioWise Programs

Discover the path to lifelong vitality and wellness with our tailored programs, designed for your lasting well-being.

Why should you choose PhysioWise and Tuula?

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Well Educated

Tuula holds two Finnish degrees from prestigious Finnish universities, is a licensed physiotherapist, and certified in Pilates, personal training, spinal stabilization, and golf fitness.  

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Support and Motivation

Tuula, a committed expert, values empathetic care, holistic healing, and effective workouts. She considers each person as a whole, addressing physical and emotional well-being.

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Years of experience

She has 30 + years of experience in Physical therapy, Pilates and Fitness.

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Educational session

In her sessions, she teaches basic anatomy and biomechanics, emphasizing how this knowledge enhances healing and well-being.

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Compassionate guidance

Tuula uses physiotherapy and Pilates expertise to enhance physical and emotional well-being, empowering clients on their healing journey.

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1-on-1 training

She offers personalized 1-on-1 training, evidence-based solutions addressing root causes of pain.

Discover Your Path to
Pain-Free Living

"I cannot tell you enough how much Tuula has changed my life. I went from not being able to participate in any activities because of my chronic back pain to now being almost completely pain free. After working with Tuula I am able to run again and even go skiing. My core has never been stronger!"

- Gary Gurian

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